Sunday, February 27, 2011

Great photographers

Further to the images that Nick has shown you today in the workshop, here are some links to some website to get you thinking about great street and documentary photography..

These are more fine art based examples for you to have a look at. By all means, email us some suggestions
These are a few of my favourites:

Martin Parr
Jesse Marlow
Robert Frank
Bill Owens
Gregory Heisler (click on portraits and then contextual)
Sally Mann (I recommend reading the Australia Council children in photography publication)
William Christenberry (for the fans of high minimalism)
William and Hillard Bechers (for those that get a kick out of industrial photography)

Nick's Favourites
Henri Cartier Bresson and other MAGNUM photographers
Environmental Portrait Photography- A few tips....

We will add to these as we go....

Updated weather forecast for 9 March 2011

Hi folks,
As per our discussion in the workshop last weekend, I promised I would post details of the weather forecast and sun up and sun down times, so you can all bolt around town for the best light.

Check out Deniliquin Weather Forecast on to see the full details.
According to it will be:
25 degrees celcius (max)
17 degrees celcius (min)
Rain-90% chance 5-10mm
UV- Very High
First light-Approx-6.47am
Sunrise- Approx 7.12am
Sunset-Approx 7.50pm
Last light-Approx 8.15pm
Given that the day prior will be 31 degrees, the big tip is to get your photos early before the low pressure system sets in....

Moon- a snip (that's a technical term for not a full one....) The new moon is on the 5th March.

Community Photography Workshops- A great weekend.....

Thanks to the 34 people that participated in the workshops yesterday and today.
By all accounts everyone has developed or refreshed their skills in photography, and hugely enjoyed etworking with like minded poeple in Deniliquin.

Please feel free to email your work in and I will upload them!

Saty tuned for more blog posts about Day in the Life as discueed in the workshop today....

Thursday, February 24, 2011

School Workshops

Nick Robinson has been busy cruising the district this week, and has now visited Mayrung, Blighty, Conargo, South Deniliquin, St Michaels and the Christian School.
Check out some of the amazing photos that the year 4, 5 and 6 students have been producing.


George The School Cat- (Protected species)


We will post some more images once we get school/parent permissions....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Street Photography - The legalities of what you can and can't do!

As part of our information session today at the Peppin Heritage Centre, we will be discussing the finer points of the legalities associated with street photography.
Kate has found a great publication that has been published early this year and is NSW specific, (and written by a solicitor too).
If you intend on taking photos on the 9th March, we highly recommend that you read all of the following publications:
1)   NSW Photography rights and legal issues by Andrew Nemeith
2)   Arts Law Centre of Australia - Street Photographer rights
3) Australia Council for the Arts- Protocols for working with children in art - DRAFT

And some more bed time reading.....
4) Arts Law Centre of Australia- General fact sheet on copyright

Now, we know that some peoples eyes glaze over when we start to talk about copyright and the legalities of the project, but as a participant, and a photographer in general, please take this seriously and be aware of what your rights are (and when you might be breaking the law)

Happy snapping....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Do you know who this mother and baby are?

This is a photo taken in 1991 of a baby born on the 9th March. Does anyone recognise the mother or the baby?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

More images from 1991- Now on display the The Peppin Heritage Centre

The entire body of photographs are now on display the Peppin Heritage Centre in George Street Deniliquin.
Please help us identify where the photos have been taken, who features in them, and who might have took them.
We would love your help!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Information Packs now available

Kate Butler has been busy researching the finer points of street photographers rights, and we are now able to publish the info packs for your interest.
Click here to download the Participant Info Pack to discover all the ins and outs of what you need to know to join the band of merry photographers on the 9th March 2011. Yes, that's less than a month away, so if you need to get permission to enter a business or organisation, now might be the time to start nicely asking.

Here are some Permission Slips that you may choose to print off and hand to people that is designed to give them a brief overview of the project and our contact details.

Please join us next Saturday -10am at the Peppin Heritage Centre to get a verbal briefing and an idea of who might be covering specific locations around town. We would like to allocate this to specific people, so we dont have 8 people asking the Hospital to take photos of new babies for instance.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Community Photography Workshops ~ Enrolment forms now available


WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? You may choose to do a Basic Photography workshop (Saturday) or an Advanced Photography workshop (Sunday), depending on your existing skill level. The content will include:

Basic Photography:  Getting to know your camera-shutter speed, aperture, digital vs film, composition, what is documentary photography?, what makes a good or bad photo.
Advanced Photography: Great documentary/street photographers, different photography           methods, shooting under different conditions, pushing the boundary.

The workshops will be led by local professional photographer Nick Robinson 

The cost of the one day workshop is $15 (cheque, cash or money order) per participant. Lunch, Tea and Coffee are provided.

Deniliquin Neighbourhood Centre (Intereach) – Corner of Trickett and Napier Street, Deniliquin

10am to 2pm each day. You may stay after the workshop to discuss your particular camera or equipment with the workshop facilitator.                           

    1. Fill in your name and address on the Photography Enrolment Form
    2. Nominate your preference for a basic or advanced workshop.
    3. Enclose a cheque, cash or money order for $15
Drop it into the Peppin Heritage Centre in George Street Deniliquin.
You will be sent an email confirmation prior to attendence.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Media Release Archive

Want to find out more about varying aspects of the project?

Click through to access our Media Release archive which we will be adding to weekly.

Media Release 1 ~ 8 February 2011
Media Release 2 ~ 14 Feb 2011
Media Release 3- 21 Feb 2011

More corkers from the archive....2001 A Day in the Life of Deniliquin

Do you know any of these people?
Did you take this photograph? Our records are currently incomplete, and we would love you to assist us in compiling a comprehensive digital image archive of the project with the correct acknoweldgement on each of the images. Drop us an email if you can help.

 We werent eating that in 2001 surely?....

Out of the archive......1991 A Day in the Life of Deniliquin

Do you know who these people are? Do you know who took this photograph?
We would love to know, so please drop us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!
Nina, Kate and the Day in the life team...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Community Information session ~ Saturday 19 February 2011 @ 10am ~ Peppin Heritage Centre

A general community information session will be held to inform people about the project in general and give people an idea of what is involved in the project in order for them to participate on the 9th March. We will hand out information sheets that cover:
  • The legal considerations of street photography that include legal and moral rights of the photographer and people or locations featured in the photograph
  • Specifics of file size, file format, colour etc
  • Getting permissions to enter premises and take photographs
  • How to submit your photographs after the 9th March
  • What happens in the next stage...Wallpaper and projections....
We will also discuss and allocate shooting locations so we don't double up or miss anything, as well view the previous work from 1991 and 2001.

Look forward to seeing you there

Date announced for community workshops...

One day skill development workshops will be held on Saturday and Sunday 26/27 February 2011 in Deniliquin.

Register your interest via email to . Further details will be released next week.

N & K