Thursday, March 10, 2011

A mad day of snapping....and a whole lot of rain

1260 images later (and that is just this blogger) , the Day in the Life of Deniliquin has drawn to a close.
What are the chances of having up to 70mm of rain?
As Harley says so aptly of us all that are humbled by our photographic technical ability "I am not giving up my day job!"

I am sure we are still going to get a great body of images, and it will certainly be a reminder of the incredibly wet summer we have had after 10 years of protracted dryness.

Check out the initial results from my efforts..
Please feel free to email us in some samples so we can get them up on the blog as well.

Past Eagle- Corrigan Park
John Morriss - Blighty Hotel
Mark Jefferies- Bulmer Cabinets
Mr Scarecrow - Community Garden
Blighty School
Deniliquin RSL-Angela Walker, Ruth Govett and Kris Jones
View from the town clock at the top of the Town Hall
Roger McGrath - Deniliquin Council
Deniliquin Library
National Bridge looking east
Deniliquin Abbatoir
Lester Wheatley- End street
Town Hall ceiling

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hi Folks,

Its getting close now.......only 1 day to go.
Thanks to those who have registered. You can still participate even if you are not registered, just make sure we get your signed form when you submit your photos.
Thanks to those who turned up today at the final info session. We have a good range of locations covered but if anyone can cover any of the following, please let us know as soon as possible:
  • Deniliquin Newsagent at 4.30am as they prepare the newspapers for delivery
  • Pastoral Times
  • McDonalds
  • IGA
  • 2QN
  • Clubs such as RSL, Golf, Bowling
  • Pubs
  • Yallambee
  • Salvos/St Vinnies
  • Community Garden
  • Medical clinics and dentist
  • Churches
  • South School
  • Four Post Youth Camp
  • Lawson Syphon
  • Caldwell/Bunnaloo/Burraboi
  • Perrin Family Reunion, Waring Gardens, 4-6pm  
If you are going to make a day of it and in the interests of covering as much ground as possible (and we love organising other people), we thought a checklist of things to pack on the day might help (a bit like school camp.....)
Packed in your kit bag should be:
Your camera!
Spare batteries
Empty and big memory card
Log Sheets (lots of them)
Information slips ready to hand out to people
Location list
Water bottle
Mozzie spray
Comfy weather proof shoes
Rain jacket?
Snacks (particularly if venturing out of town)
Info sheet on street photographer rights, just in case you need it.
A reminder regarding the submission of your images:
You may submit them next Saturday 12th March between 10am and 2pm at the Peppin Heritage Centre with your completed log sheets. They should be in high resolution JPEG or RAW format (speak to us first if you are submitting RAW images). You may submit them on CD, USB or just with your memory card from your camera.
To avoid confusion, please change your file names to your own name and add a number so that they are in chronological order, for example KateButler01.jpg, and make sure the order corresponds with your log sheets.
If you cannot make it during this time, just drop off a CD with your log sheet to the Peppin instead, but please let us know what you intend to do and make sure your file names and log sheets are very clear.
Cant wait to see the photos from Wednesday!
All the best of Irish Luck!
Kate and Nina

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Day in the Life of Deni in the Pastoral Times

A Day in the Life of Deniliquin is the front page story of the Pastoral Times today and we also have a mention on page 7. The project is really gaining momentum and we have nearly 40 people set to take photos next week.

You can read the front page article here (you will have to register to see it) and it's a great endorsement of the school workshops that Nick Robinson ran last week. Feedback from the schools has been excellent.

On page 7 is the photo of the mum and baby born on March 9th 1991 that we are trying to identify. We thought we had succeeded but the suggested 'baby' posted on Facebook that it wasn't her or her mum. Let us know if you have any ideas. You can post a comment here or on our Facebook page.