Monday, June 13, 2011

A Day in the Life- Official Launch

A huge crowd of 150 odd people turned up to launch the Day in the Life Project at the Peppin on Friday night. Opened by Lani Houston; Director of Regional Arts NSW,Chairperson of South West Arts and Executive Officer at RDA Riverina, the exhibition was very warmly received by the Deniliquin community.
Many thanks for Mark Logan and James Giddey who travelled from Orange and Wentworth respectively to attend the opening; both who were pivotal in undertaking the event in 1990 nad 2001.
Check out the pics and FB for further details.
Packed house at the Peppin!

Nick, Kate and Nina- Project Pirates

Lani Houston

The day after...time to take in the full body of work

Please visit the website for the full body of work that has now been released.

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